Preparing to Start the Process 

If you’ve never owned a home, you must first make a decision that you want to be a homeowner and invest in yourself.  And, if you’re buying because of a job move or just moving up we can help.

We believe educated consumers make the best choices for themselves.  Our job is to manage the process and your job is to make informed decisions.

The Process
Select a Realtor

If you're thinking about buying a home, you'll want to carefully choose the real estate professional you work with during the process.  If you are reading this you’ve already made a wise decision.  You should meet with your Realtor face to face.   We don’t do business with people we haven’t met in person and neither should you.  You should commit yourself to working with one sales associate who can learn your likes and dislikes in homes to make your home-buying process easier.

Our focus is to provide first-class buyer services to a select number of clients. We believe in the quality of our client relationships, rather than in the numbers. To provide great service, we customize a plan for working together that best meets the demands of busy schedules or special needs. Sometimes, that may mean simply providing property addresses of new listings for "drive-bys." Other times it may mean special showing arrangements and times.  Whatever your property needs may be, we strive to provide great service.

Get Pre-Approved

Pre-approved is much better than pre-qualified and puts you in a better position when making an offer.  Again, meet face to face with your lender or mortgage broker, get your pre-approval in writing and make sure your associate has a copy.   The vast number of new mortgage programs means that there are hundreds of choices.  Your lender can guide you through the process.  Your associate can help with lender recommendations.

Prepare for the Search


Define your criteria for your search with your associate but don’t be too narrow.  Half of all buyer’s purchase homes that did not meet their specific criteria.  Your job is as much to eliminate homes and locations as it s to find the “right” home.  At Betsher & Associates, our associates are trained to represent you.

Searching and Finding your Home

Make a plan and rely on your associate  Your associate can set you up with automatic email notification for your criteria.  In addition, you can search here.   As a potential buyer, you have more options than ever before in the home buying process.  Today, you can search for real estate online at any time of the day.  Property information can be emailed to you in seconds, and virtual property tours allow you to preview homes from remote locations.  Use the Internet wisely  Not all web sites are created equal.

A note on print media - it is basically obsolete and will waste your time.  Most properties are posted on the internet within an hour of entry.   It makes seller’s feel good to see their house in print, but the best homes either never make it to the print media or are either sold or under contract by the time they make it to the news stand.   Be prepared to “drive by” properties that may have some interest to you or that are new on the market.  You’d be surprised at the number of times you’ll reject a property.  Your job is to visit enough properties to make an informed decision.  Your goal is to become an educated buyer.