Showing your Home

It’s now time for buyers to review their new home.  Most Brokers use one or two showing services which will give you as much showing notice as you agree to.  They will contact you with a phone call or text or if you prefer a "go and show ' notice   That will give you time to tidy up, make beds, turn on all lights perhaps pop something in the oven, like a spicy cake, pie, bread, or even a pan of cinnamon. In the summer keep the house cool and in the winter keep the house warm.  Make every effort to accept all appointments-you never know when your buyer will walk through the front door.

                       If You are Home (and you should not be home)
If you're home, greet the prospects at the door and politely excuse yourself and leave.  Too many people present during inspection may make the potential buyer feel like an intruder, which makes it difficult for selling broker and buyer to be at ease. 
                       If You're Not Home
Have the house ready, enclose pets in basement, garage or back yard and make sure the house is as bright and cheery as possible.   

                       Should I let anyone in to see the house?
For security reasons, if a prospective buyer calls or comes by unexpectedly without a broker, get their name and phone number and have them call us.  Do not show the home.

                        If we have an offer, should we still show the home?
Yes.   A property is either under contract or available-there is no in between.