People Need To Know Your House Is For Sale
                       MLS – Multiple Listing Service
The MLS is still the number one and the best effective way to market your home to the public,  even in today’s fast paced world of the internet.

Price it right the first time.  Buyers are smart, they compare many properties and look for the best value in the location that appeals them.  They have the same statistics you and your agent have.

A FOR SALE sign should be placed on your front yard.  Not allowing a sign on you property will greatly decrease your marketing power.

                        Showing your Home and Presentation
You house is on trial.  Make the most of every showing.  You’ve cleaned, polished, painted and made your home available and now what?  Put all the lights on even on a bright day, shades up, warm in the winter, cool in the summer and leave the house.

                        Accessibility -- A Lock Box
If agents can’t get in conveniently they won’t show your home.  It's important that you have a lock box so agents can preview and show the property during the day. Not allowing a lock box will dramatically reduce the needed exposure to properly market your home. Lock boxes are very secure devices that records who uses it.  Agents don't like to show property if access is an inconvenience. Use a lock box

Yes, commission is a marketing tool.  Commissions are negotiable. They can vary between 4%-10%, depending on the type of property, current market conditions, and the sellers motivation.  Many people wrongly assume the whole commission goes to one person. Typically it is divided four ways: the listing agent, the listing agent's broker, the buyer's agent and the buyer's agent's broker. Referral fees and franchise fees many times are a factor also.

                           Homeowner’s Warranty
A Home Warranty provided by the seller will be viewed as a benefit to the buyer. Adding a home warranty to your listing adds confidence and might result in someone purchasing your home over a newer home. 

                             The Internet
The internet is an additional method for buyers to find. Ninety seven percent(97%) of all  potential buyers start looking for homes on the internet. A tremendous amount of information can be found on the internet. Right now, as with much of the internet, some of it is very good and some of it not as good.  Your home will be listed on one hundred plus sites.

                              Open Houses
Open houses invite "lookers" not buyers, they sell less than 1% of all homes and they can attract nosey neighbors, unqualified buyers and can be a serious security problem.