Making the offer

 Make a good offer.  If you’ve found a great home, chances are that others are of the same mind.  You want to make a strong offer.

 Ø     You’re already pre-approved.  Good job!  Your offer is already stronger than another Buyer’s offer who failed to do the same.
Ø     Act promptly.  Seller’s don’t take holidays.
Ø     Offer market price.  If you would be disappointed if you lost the home, then maybe you should offer more.  If not, then maybe it isn’t the home for you.
Ø     Provide a substantial earnest money deposit. This is “good faith” money that shows the seller you are serious about the property.  If there are two identical offers, the offer with the largest good faith deposit will usually win.
Ø     Limit  your contingencies to those most important to you, such as financing, inspections, etc.  A contingency for the sale of your home is a weak offer.
Ø     Be flexible on the settlement date.  A seller may be more inclined to accept one offer over another if the settlement date meets their needs.
Ø     Negotiate reasonably.